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My path to wellness has given me the confidence to go after all my dreams, from acting on Off-Broadway and Television to modeling in print and commercials. Now I am pursuing my next goal - the launch of my fragrance brand The Bubble Collection, which I have been working on these past few years with my creative partner Michael Perris. Not too long ago I was too embarrassed to step inside a gym, and now I'm appearing in my own advertisements for my own fragrance brand. I am truly breaking out of my bubble!

All of the fragrances are GENDERLESS, VEGAN, NON-TOXIC and CRUELTY-FREE.

Visit The Bubble Collection website to experience these amazing scents that are so light they just tease the air around you and others. Use promo code REINVENTIONKING to get a 20% discount off all products.

Santorini by The Bubble Collection featuring Gregory Cole.png

Wander Bubble SANTORINI

50ml EDT spray $120


Dazzling citrus sunshine sparkles on Mediterranean waves, reflecting the brilliant blue of an endless sky. Juicy mandarin and sundrenched bergamot have an invigorating, emotionally uplifting effect. Salty breezes bear solar white floral nuances, an effortless clean and bright sensation. Touches of sea moss and vetiver capture the coastline.

Top:  Blue Sea*, Blue Sky*, Bergamot, Mandarin,   Pink Pepper

Mid:  Pear, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Bigaflower, Orange Blossom

Dry:  Musk, Vetiver, Sea Moss, Warm Amber

*Mane Specialty

Wander Bubble MARRAKECH

50ml EDT spray $120


Take a stroll through the souk, filled with dazzling aromas of sunny citrus, scintillating spices, sumptuous florals and supple woods. In the shade of a flying carpet, you find yourself entranced by the complex rhythmic patterns of hand-dyed wool, the elegant arabesques on silver platters, and gilded tea glasses in rainbow hues. Tendrils of steam from your tea mingle with swirls of sweet tobacco.


TOP Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Candied Ginger

MID White Tea, Magnolia, Ginger Blossom

DRY Musk, Cedarwood, Amber Musk, Blonde Woods

Wander Bubble Marrakech
Wander Bubble Reykjavik by The Bubble Collection

Wander Bubble REYKJAVIK

50ml EDT spray $120


A deep breath of crisp, clean frosted air is spiked with wild aromatics and foraged fruits. Velvety frozen moss, cold mineral stone and brisk woods complete a sensation of rugged, invigorating outdoor freshness. This is a fragrance for finding your center, for clearing your head while challenging your body.


TOP Juniper, Angelica Seed, Frosted Crowberries

MID Iris Absolute, Jasmine Petals, Ambrette Seed

DRY Fresh Musk, Frozen Moss, Amber Woods

Harmony Bubble CHILL

50ml EDT spray $120


You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take some time to refill. Restorative aromatic herbs help you find balance and serenity. Lemon, cardamom and eucalyptus are quietly refreshing, while lavender and linden have a soothing effect. Quiet vanilla and amber musk line your path to mindful awareness.


TOP Lemon, Cardamom, Eucalyptus

MID Lotus, Lavender, Linden Blossom

DRY Vanilla, Amber Musk, Sandalwood

Harmony Bubble CHILL by The Bubble Collection
Harmony Bubble CONNECT by The Bubble Collection

Harmony Bubble CONNECT

50ml EDT spray $120


Intimacy and emotional connection are vital to our health and sanity. Inviting someone into our space is a gesture of welcome, and generosity, but above all it’s about trust. Gentle skin musk, sheer woods, soft cashmere and cottonwood together embrace you in sensitivity

and security.


TOP Freesia, Blue Cypress, Apple Wood, Ambrette Seed

MID Cotton Wood, Soft Cashmere, Rose de Mai, Winter White Birch

DRY Tonka Bean, Skin Musk, Sheer Woods, Vanilla Absolute

Harmony Bubble CELEBRATE

50ml EDT spray $120


Joyful, uplifting notes of fresh green tea and crisp aromatic herbs capture the sparkling sensation of bubbles rising in a glass. Soft, warm back notes of woods, musk, and dark vanilla add balance and make the memories last.


TOP Green Tea, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Winter Thyme

MID Eucalyptus, Everlasting*, Jasmine Tea, Spearmint, Cassis

DRY Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Woody Musk

*Mane Specialty

Harmony Bubble CELEBRATE


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